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Gardy Philogene

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For years technology has been a big part of Gardy's life. He's an Android guy with a secret love for Apple products. When not at work, you can usually catch him drawing with a pencil. He is a writer at Gotechtor covering streaming media, TVs, and everything smart-home related.

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Which custom ROM is best for Android? Android fans love their device platform, but they may not always be big fans of the operating system that comes preinstalled.

To be more clear, they don’t appreciate the excess and restrictions imposed on them. Because Android code is not properly locked down (like Apple’s iOS operating system) it is available for many developers to grab and mold to their desires.

What results from these alterations to the manufacturer-stocked Android operating systems is the development of more lightweight, yet more feature-stocked versions of an Android device’s platform.

These are referred to as custom Roms (“read-only memory”). However, not every developer will share a view of what features make the system more robust and which should be swept away, resulting in many different ROMS, armed with many similar, as well as unique features that could appeal to different people.

Best Android Custom ROMs

The following is a list of 15 of the best-rated Android custom ROMS and some of their features that you can opt to use instead of those already pre-installed on your Android Device.

  1. LineageOS
  2. Resurrection Remix OS
  3. Pixel Experience
  4. AOSP Extended
  5. OmniROM
  6. Paranoid Android
  7. Havoc OS
  8. crDroid
  9. Bootleggers ROM
  10. Arrow OS
  11. MSM-Xtended
  12. Bliss ROM
  13. Dirty Unicorn (DU ROM)
  14. Potato Open Sauce Project (POSP)
  15. Evolution X

1. LineageOS

15 Best Android Custom Roms That Give You Super Power - Gotechtor (3)

LineageOS has transformed the stock OS Android system into a cleaner and speedier design in terms of performance. It’s been operational for nearly 4 years, and improvements continue to be made.

The ROM is lighter in terms of features than some competitors (no file manager, no system backup options, etc.). It also supports over 60 devices, though some are strangely omitted from that list.

It retains the general look and feel of Android’s stock OS, so those who like the visual of the stock OS could be satisfied with the look with some bonus features.

Seeing as LineageOS has hung around for a while, it’s fair to say that the ROM gets something right.

2. Resurrection Remix OS

15 Best Android Custom Roms That Give You Super Power - Gotechtor (4)

Resurrection Remix OS is not just one of the most well-known ROMs in the game, it’s also one of the most feature-stocked. On top of that, it promotes a stable and smooth performance, as well as great battery life inherent to its design.

Beyond that, its large online community is often praised for the many resources that it can offer users who are interested in getting assistance with a particular question or query.

Resurrection Remix supports many Android devices, but on the visual front offers little to differentiate itself from the stock OS in terms of appearance.

It does however offer ample options for tweaking the device, with some users reporting being overwhelmed by the vastness of options.

3. Pixel Experience

15 Best Android Custom Roms That Give You Super Power - Gotechtor (5)

The developer team at Pixel Experience is well known for putting forward ROMs with outstanding performance and supporting them with regular software and security updates.

This ROM is suited best for those who like the look and feel of a Pixel home, transforming the phone into a near replica of the Pixel 4 devices. But the performance improvements are certainly there as well.

For instance, the battery life is much improved from the stock model, and the ROM comes with zero bloatware apps, dramatically reducing the usage of RAM and storage space occupation.

It works well across multiple devices and works great even with intensive applications such as online gaming apps even on low-end devices.

4. AOSP Extended

15 Best Android Custom Roms That Give You Super Power - Gotechtor (6)

Similar to Pixel Experience, the AOSP Extended is an Android device-based custom ROM that transforms your device into a Pixel-looking one.

It is supported on multiple devices and is preemptively rooted, saving you the effort of having to root your Android device as many ROMs require of it before use.

The settings allow for tons of customizations of everything from privacy guards to lock screens, status bars to battery setup, and blocks of nosey third-party apps. The animations experience no lag time and the transitions are smooth.

The crashes and sporadic reboots are minimal, unlike many of the newer ROMs. While AOSP does not actually transform your device into a Pixel, you could easily mistake it for doing so.

5. OmniROM

15 Best Android Custom Roms That Give You Super Power - Gotechtor (7)

Omni ROM loads up your Android device with the Raspberry Pi OS while offering a faster, more efficient version of all of the stock system features.

The only notable functions currently lacking from OmniROM are mobile hotspot, accelerated video-playback, and screencasting.

The installation is simple and involves just downloading the OmniROM server-based image, then flashing it to an SD card (typical Raspberry Pi style), though it can also be booted via USB 3.0 drives in reconfigured.

The latest changes can be acquired weekly and it offers expanded storage support without requiring any additional backend tweaking.

6. Paranoid Android

As one of the more recognizable names in the custom ROM realm, Paranoid Android delivers both sufficient features and optimal performance, while many alternatives tend to come up short in at least one of those areas.

Starting with the dynamic animation transition, the user arrives on a simple clean screen that features all of the possible customizations built into the Settings app. This way, there is no need to dig into an app drawer, only to find the function that will take you over to the settings anyway.

All the common useful apps are available, pocket locks can be customized with many different aspects on the phone, and all the useless pre-installed stock bloatware has been stripped away.

The best part is that it’s fast and nearly everything is fully customizable to transform your device into exactly how you want it to look.

7. Havoc OS

Havoc OS is a modding fan favorite thanks to its high customization levels that do not affect its smooth performance. Imagine a stock Androids, but the Incredible Hulk version.

It permits stock android personalization to different levels that are entirely up to you. With a similar interface to Pixel 4 devices, the ROM includes a fast and responsive app drawer.

One formerly problematic area was the lags and stutters experienced was with pill gestures, however, Havoc has made fast improvements in that regard.

Users noted the very obvious performance improvement on Havoc using devices, including the improvements in frames per second of line games.

While many other ROM options offer many of the same features, Havoc does stand out for its smooth performance.

8. crDroid

15 Best Android Custom Roms That Give You Super Power - Gotechtor (8)

Users looking for speed should consider the crDroid ROM. Preinstalled with the Optimus Drunk kernel, this ROM helps a lag-free system run.

It has a conveniently customized home screen launcher, and many visual, battery, locking, and media art customizations.

Regardless of size, all apps run quickly and smoothly, and toggling between tasks is seamless, though the swipe features are a bit on the murky side.

This is an ideal ROM for gamers who want and need to enjoy the smooth uninterrupted functionality of their devices.

9. Bootleggers ROM

Bootleggers ROM is all focused on customizations with tons of customizable features, including the rarely found customization of the volume slider.

The charging of the battery is much faster than your regular Android platform thanks to its superb kernel. It even features an optimal charge level alert.

The apps open quickly with a silky smooth animation, arguably superior to other ROM options. Gamers would enjoy this ROM for its smooth refresh rate transition and clear image display.

10. Arrow OS

15 Best Android Custom Roms That Give You Super Power - Gotechtor (9)

Arrow OS is an interesting ROM since it is largely missing something most other ROMs have in spade: customization.

As a trade-off, Arrow OS makes everything else simple to accomplish. This is an ideal choice for those seeking a lightweight but consistently functional ROM.

The quick launcher can be pulled up by just pressing on the home screen, and the transitions between apps and app drawers are very quick.

There are some settings in terms of screen gesture customizations as well as some options for locking and unlocking screens.

11. MSM-Xtended

MSM Xtended is a newer project, making its debut only during Android Pie. It has however quickly grown into a modder favorite for its stability and reliability, as well as being loaded with customization that competes with its most ardent competitors.

It is so loaded with customizations, in fact, that some find it to be overwhelming. This makes it a particularly appealing ROM to those who seek to find feature-loaded options.

12. Bliss ROM

15 Best Android Custom Roms That Give You Super Power - Gotechtor (10)

Another newer arrival in the ROM game is Bliss ROM and this one sports tons of potential for greatness.

It doesn’t just develop smartphone-based ROMs, but also for tablets, as well as Windows-based devices (Surface Pro). The ROM is equipped with a desktop launcher and sports a desktop mode.

The way this ROM looks is different from many others, which may make it unappealing to some, but variety is the spice of life, including in technology.

Bliss ROM enhances the visual display of the device. The Blissify panel included in Bliss ROM allows nearly anything to be changed or customized from the screen’s interface down to themes and animation.

13. Dirty Unicorn (DU ROM)

Those who are tired of minimal customization would likely enjoy Dirty Unicorn. The ROM features the “Fling” gesture-based navigation feature that allows gestures to be utilized with any aspect of the OS (apps, shortcuts, settings, etc.)

The “SmartBar” feature of the ROM is especially applicable on devices without navigation keys on the hardware. It enhances the navigation bar to handle 7 to 10 shortcuts, depending on the device.

The “Pulse” feature adds music equalizers that activate whenever the device plays music. The ROM is overall stable and has respectable battery life, resulting in good quality, feature-friendly ROM choice.

14. Potato Open Sauce Project (POSP)

With a name like Potato Open Sauce Project, developers were seeking, perhaps to grab attention to get interested people to look into this ROM.

Sometimes this just puts a cute name on a subpar product, but that does not look to be the case for POSP.

Armed with ample customization choices and beautiful ambiance, POSP is supported across multiple devices, offering smooth performance across the spectrum.

15. Evolution X

Known for its stability, the Evolution X ROM provides frequent security and OTA patches. The typical weekly updates introduce new protection measures as well as multiple new features.

One of the more recent additions is the Face Unlock functionality. The smooth operation and stability make this a great ROM choice for anyone looking to update their sluggish stock Android OS. That must be why this app has been downloaded over 2.5 million times.

Wrap Up

As you can see these custom ROMs can give you full power over your Android device. Some focus on flexibility, others have a more privacy-centric approach.

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a custom ROM, you should find one that fits your needs. So, which one are you going to download on your phone?

If we miss a custom Android ROM that you think deserves a spot in this list, let us know in the comment section below.

15 Best Android Custom Roms That Give You Super Power - Gotechtor (11)

Gardy Philogene

Writer, Smart Home

For years technology has been a big part of Gardy's life. He's an Android guy with a secret love for Apple products. When not at work, you can usually catch him drawing with a pencil. He is a writer at Gotechtor covering streaming media, TVs, and everything smart-home related.

Gardy Philogene

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15 Best Android Custom Roms That Give You Super Power - Gotechtor? ›

Root and mod away

The OnePlus 9 is the best overall option if you want to try custom ROMs, with OnePlus making it as easy as possible to mod its devices. There is a wide selection of ROMs available for the device, and should you break anything, you won't lose out on the warranty.

Which custom ROM is best for performance? ›

Best Custom ROMs for Android (Updated March 2023)
  • Arrow OS.
  • crDroid.
  • Havoc-OS.
  • Bliss ROM.
  • OmniROM.
  • Xiaomi.eu.
  • Syberia OS.
  • Potato Project.
Mar 29, 2023

Which phone has the highest custom ROM support? ›

Root and mod away

The OnePlus 9 is the best overall option if you want to try custom ROMs, with OnePlus making it as easy as possible to mod its devices. There is a wide selection of ROMs available for the device, and should you break anything, you won't lose out on the warranty.

What is the lightest ROM for Android? ›

As Maxwell correctly pointed out in his answer, SlimROMs is by far the most lightweight and streamlined custom ROM available for an Android device — hands down. On many low to mid range devices, SlimROM builds barely exceed 240 MB in package size.

How do I find the best custom ROM? ›

Where to Find One for Your Device. The best place to find any custom ROMs is the XDA Developers forums. Spend some time looking around here under the specific section for your device, and you'll mostly likely stumble across dozens of unique custom ROMs.

Which custom ROM is best for privacy Android? ›

CalyxOS and GrapheneOS: The Best ROMs for Privacy

While LineageOS is definitely far more transparent than stock ROMs, its primary goal was never to develop a truly-private smartphone experience. For that, consider more privacy-hardened custom ROMs like CalyxOS and GrapheneOS.

Does RAM and ROM affect performance? ›

The main way ROM is used in PCs is for the start-up process or bootstrapping, whereas RAM is used continuously while the computer is active. While ROM doesn't affect your PC too much after start-up, RAM speed can have great effects on performance. This is why most users focus on getting gaming RAM.

What is the highest ROM size? ›

What is ROM:
The storage capacity ranges from 1 to 256 GB.Its storage capacity ranges from 4 to 8 MB.
12 more rows

What is the most lightweight operating system for smartphones? ›

A lightning-speed OS built for smartphones with less than 2 GB of RAM. Android (Go edition) runs lighter and saves data, making more possible on so many devices.

How much ROM is best for mobile? ›

Overall, for most casual smartphone users 64GB phone memory is enough, although many people prefer to choose between 128GB and 256GB. Those who use their mobile phone to the absolute maximum should consider phones with storage of 512GB and 1TB to avoid running out of storage space and suffering with a slow phone speed.

How do I choose a custom Android ROM? ›

You simply download and install the custom OS Android ROM installer on your Windows or Linux machine and then run it. The installer will guide you through choosing the device on which you plan on flashing the custom OS Android ROM.

Which custom ROM is most secure? ›

GrapheneOS is the most secure ROM I know while LineageOS is the least secure. CalyxOS is pretty secure as it security level is the same as stock android. /e/OS and DivestOS also have a large amount of devices supported but also (with some few exceptions) doesn't allow you to relock the bootloader.

What's the highest RAM you can get on a phone? ›

1. ASUS ROG Phone 6D Ultimate (16 GB) Let's start with an upcoming phone – Asus ROG Phone 6D – Ultimate. Featuring a ridiculous 16 GB of RAM, multitasking doesn't get better than this.

Which phone has the highest RAM and ROM? ›

Mobile Phones With Highest RAM
Mobile PhonePriceAvailable From
Asus ROG Phone 5s Pro 5G₹79,999Feb, 2022
ZTE Axon 30 Ultra Aerospace Edition₹79,990Upcoming
Asus ROG Phone 6s Pro 5G₹82,999Upcoming
Nokia Magic Max₹49,990Rumored
6 more rows

Which Android device is easy to root? ›

List fo the Best Android Phones to Root and Mod
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a beast device and one of a kind and that really makes it a good device to try out rooting options and mods. ...
  • Google Pixel 4a. ...
  • OnePlus 7T. ...
  • POCO F2 Pro. ...
  • OnePlus 8.

Is GrapheneOS good? ›

Based on the open source Android code (AOSP), GrapheneOS improves the privacy and security of the OS by mitigating classes of vulnerabilities. This makes it more challenging for outside threats to exploit code in the operating system.

Which Android version is more secure? ›

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is the best Android phone when it comes to security. Google builds its phones to be secure from the start, and its monthly security patches guarantee you won't be left behind on future exploits.

Can I install custom ROM on encrypted phone? ›

If you have an unencrypted /sdcard (this is usually true if you have removable SD Card slot), you can install zip from sdcard as always. If your sdcard is encrypted,too, but you have relatively new device and software(Ice Cream Sandwich or newer), you may be able to use sideload. Then you can continue to flash the ROM.

What happens if you install too much RAM? ›

Adding too much RAM will eventually jeopardize the computer's performance, even when you have enough of it. The additional RAM will start applying the law of diminishing returns at a certain point, meaning you won't get much value from it.

Is it better to have more RAM or faster processor? ›

A more powerful processor will help with tasks such as streaming or running multiple programs. At the same time, large amounts of RAM will help with multitasking but will primarily improve performance in complex programs and operations.

What's more important RAM speed or size? ›

Is RAM Capacity or RAM Speed More Important? The amount of RAM you have is more important to a point. After that, you start experiencing diminishing returns. Going over 16GB isn't really necessary yet unless you're a more demanding user (though it is fast become the standard acceptable minimum!).

Which is considered as most advanced ROM? ›

EEPROM. The most advanced form of ROM is electrically erasable programmable ROM (EEPROM).

Which ROM has fastest memory? ›

RAM is a high-speed memory with reading-write operations, which happen at a fast pace, whereas ROM is slower speed memory, which is less prone to modification and can be done via an external program.

Which phone has the highest ROM in the world? ›

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was tipped today to roll with an iteration with more RAM and internal storage than any other phone.

Which OS is most powerful? ›

Linux is considered to be the most efficient and remarkable operating system for software development. Advantages of using Linux: Open-source. The prime advantage of using Linux is that beginners can test it out for free as it is open-source.

What is the most dominant mobile operating system? ›

Android OS: The Android operating system is the most popular operating system today. It is a mobile OS based on the Linux Kernel and open-source software. The android operating system was developed by Google. The first Android device was launched in 2008.

Which is the fastest OS for Android? ›

1 Android 13

It's the fastest Android option, most adaptable, and most customizable in history. It only recently launched in August of 2022.

Which ROM is used in smartphone? ›

(Android Read Only Memory) A file containing the executable instructions (a system image) of an Android OS and affiliated apps. The "stock ROM" comes installed on the phone or tablet, while a "custom ROM" comes from a third party.

What is a good ROM size? ›

4GB: Best for light users who do not run more than one or two programs at a time, and only have a few browser tabs open at once. 8GB: Sweet spot for most users. Will allow you to run a video conferencing program along with several programs like Word, Excel, or Outlook at the same time. Also good for entry level gaming.

How do I flash my Android phone? ›

Press and hold Volume Down, then press and hold Power. Press and hold Volume Down, then press and hold Power. Press and hold Volume Down, then press and hold Power. Power the device then cover it with one hand after the LEDs light up and until they turn red.

What is GSI ROM? ›

A Generic System Image (GSI) is a pure Android implementation with unmodified Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code, runnable on a variety of Android devices.

How to flash a custom ROM using fastboot? ›

How To Flash Stock Rom Using Fastboot Mode?
Mar 12, 2022

What does GrapheneOS do? ›

GrapheneOS is a privacy and security focused mobile OS with Android app compatibility developed as a non-profit open source project. It's focused on the research and development of privacy and security technology including substantial improvements to sandboxing, exploit mitigations and the permission model.

What is the most popular Android fork? ›

1. LineageOS. LineageOS is arguably one of the most popular Android ROM, a fork of the very popular [but dead since 2016] CyanogenMod. Due to the popularity of LineageOS, you may find more devices supporting the OS.

Which GApps is better? ›

PSA: Always Use the GApps Package Recommended by your ROM Developer. LineageOS continues to recommend MindTheGapps instead of OpenGApps. The reason is because OpenGApps currently breaks important functionality in LineageOS, and users should always use GApps packages that are recommended by their ROM developer.

Is Pixel Experience ROM worth it? ›

Pixel Experience strikes the right balance between user experience and reliability without compromising the overall speed and stability of the phone, which makes it a popular choice among custom ROM enthusiasts.

Is LineageOS better than Oxygen OS? ›

Lineage seems to have a slightly smaller footprint compared to OOS, but in my opinion, both have their advantages. However, since I like to theme the complete UI, as well as third party apps, OMS support is important to me. For that reason, I generally use an AOSP ROM.

Do custom ROMs improve performance? ›

Some custom ROMs are optimized for performance, offering improved speed, battery life, and smoother multitasking compared to stock firmware. They often include performance-enhancing tweaks, kernel optimizations, and better resource management.

Can custom ROM improve gaming performance? ›

Is it possible to install any custom ROM on a phone? Ya, sure it will increase performance as custom ROMs don't contain any bloatware and come with the latest android version with tweaks and customization.

Will a custom ROM make my phone faster? ›

Some Android devices slow down over time. Others are slow out of the box. Either way, installing a custom ROM is one way to speed up your Android experience. With older devices that have accumulated digital crud, installing a custom ROM offers the same benefit as performing a factory reset.

Does custom ROM affect gaming performance? ›

You might not just get the performance you'd expect on any Android smartphone. Evaluating a custom ROM on the basis of a particular requirement is not advisable. You must first mention the device which you are using and then someone can suggest a custom ROM. In a certain, custom ROM is not totally optimized for gaming.

How to improve Android performance? ›

However, if your older Android is struggling, read on for essential tips to speed up your phone.
  1. 1 Restart your phone. ...
  2. 2 Free up storage space. ...
  3. 3 Uninstall unused Android apps. ...
  4. 4 Change the system animation speed. ...
  5. 5 Use Lite edition apps. ...
  6. 6 Update to the latest software. ...
  7. 7 Perform a factory reset.
May 14, 2023

Which is best ROM for gaming? ›

Pixel Experience is one of the best custom ROMs for gaming at this moment and there are three reasons why. Firstly, the Pixel Experience is supported by a wide array of Android devices from Realmi to Xiaomi and Samsung to Asus.

Which kernel is best for performance? ›

ElementalX Kernel

ElementalX Kernel provides stable performance on Android OS. For everyday use, ElementalX is the right choice for good performance. If Franco Kernel and ElectraBlue kernel are not available for your device then you can go for ElementalX Kernel. It supports many Android device and OS.

What is the best overclock kernel for Android? ›

ElementalX is the best custom kernel for any android device; this can work on the oldest smartphone to the latest one; this is the perfect custom kernel for daily use purposes; it is one of the safest and most stable custom kernels for Android. ElementalX is a performance-oriented custom kernel for Android.

Does RAM speed improve gaming? ›

For gaming, there are advantages to running RAM with high-rated speeds. Although it won't have as profound an effect as upgrading the processor or graphics card, faster RAM can improve game performance and frame rates.

What makes a phone faster RAM or ROM? ›

RAMs are faster in terms of read-write operations than ROMs (Read Only Memory). This is why the app stored in RAM will perform faster too. RAM is often considered a sign of performance and a faster machine. However, RAM can do only so much, and you will need a powerful processor to make full use of it.

Does RAM expansion make phone faster? ›

In terms of device performance, you won't be seeing a massive difference. Sure, more RAM makes your phone feel smoother and it helps it keep more applications open. But the difference in performance between a 6GB RAM phone and an 8GB RAM phone, for example, is not that huge.

Does RAM slot affect FPS? ›

If you already have a decent amount of RAM (say, 16GB), adding more RAM will probably not increase your FPS in most games and scenarios as there still aren't very many games that utilize more than 16GB of memory.

How much RAM is good for gaming and editing? ›

32GB. This is the optimal capacity of RAM a computer needs for video editing. 32GB will allow you to edit all kinds of files, and you will be able to work with longer videos. With 32GB RAM, you could have multiple programs running at the same time, and still be able to efficiently edit and preview your videos.

Does overclocking RAM improve gaming performance? ›

Overclocking RAM can result in higher memory speeds and better performance from your PC. Here's how you do it. Overclocking RAM can result in higher memory speeds and better performance from your PC.


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